Third Transnational Project Meeting

Third Transnational Project Meeting

The third transnational project meeting was organized as MS teams video conference on 5th and 6th of November. The meeting was hosted by the Masarykova Univerzita team and attended by all partners involved in the project. The main objective of the meeting was to review the INSHIP-model with a special focus on the educational principles of partnership cooperation. The partners presented and discussed the progress of the work on the intellectual outputs assigned to each partner organizations with special emphasis on the model evaluation, professional socialization, and educational principles of partnership cooperation.

During this meeting, the partners from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education, presented the structure of the first LTT activity (INSHIP-seminar I). The partners discussed important content and organizational aspects of the first INSHIP-seminar for academic staff.

Finally, the partners discussed about the dissemination activities and reviewed the timetable of upcoming project activities.

Overall, this meeting was successful and inspiring, despite the virtual environment. All partners effectively contributed to the successful organization of the meeting.