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Each school has a different ‘welcome plan’, adapted to its particularities and needs. But in each plan, the first activity is always a meeting between the university tutor, the school tutor and the head teacher.

At this meeting, various topics are discussed, such as:

    • Basic information about the teacher’s practises.
    • The content of the ‘seminars’ at the university.
    • The main goal of the specific period of practices.
    • Documents to be reviewed by the teacher’s students.
    • Organisation of the tasks to be done by the students.
    • Professionalisation of the teacher.
    • Basic information that student teachers need to know.

As an example, we present the activities of the welcome plan of a school in Castalla, Spain:


ACTIVITY 1: Meeting with the head teacher at 9:00. The head teacher will explain the following aspects:

School Organization.

      • Entrances and exits of the centre.
      • Teachers’ timetables.
      • Teachers’ meetings.
      • Hours for meetings with parents.
      • In-service teacher training activities taking place in the school.
      • Recess organization.
      • School lunchroom organization.
      • Teachers’ substitution protocols.
      • Didactic material and consumables.

Education project of the center.

    ACTIVITY 2: Coffee break.

    ACTIVITY 3: Visit to the centre’s facilities. The teacher in charge of this visit is the primary school teacher coordinator.

    ACTIVITY 4: Meeting with the principal.

    At this meeting, each student receives their working plan, the classroom assigned to them, specific information about their tasks and the tutor assigned to them.

    ACTIVITY 5: Meeting with the school tutor.

    At the end of the day, each student has a meeting with their school tutor.

    DAY 2

    ACTIVITY 1: Meeting with the primary school teacher coordinator and with the kindergarden teacher coordinator.

    At this meeting, students teachers receive a short training about the methodology that is used in the school. Moreover, some important aspects for the school are explained:

    • Relationships with the families.
    • Behaviour plan.
    • Teaching materials.

    ACTIVITY 2: Each student goes to the class of his/her tutor.

    ACTIVITY 3: At the end of the day, there is a meeting with all the staff to introduce the student teachers.

    DAY 3

    ACTIVITY 1: Meeting with the Teacher coordinator of new technologies.

    At this meeting, students learn about the school website, the computer equipment, the access to computers, etc.

    ACTIVITY 2: Each student goes to their tutor’s class. In this class they will do team building activities with pupils.