Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, organised the third learning, teaching and training activity (LTT) in March and April 2022. The event took place online on five different days, three of which were international and two national.

At the third learning, teaching and training activity, participants discussed several topics:

  • the organisation and framework of teaching practice as well as resources and activities,
  • innovations in teacher education through the Učitel Naživo (Teach Live) programme,
  • mentor teacher competences and education.

Učitel Naživo (Teach Live) programme for teaching practice in the Czech Republic.

We hosted two guest speakers, Barbora Zavadilová (MU & Teach Live) and Ivan Čermák (Elementary school Prague & Teach Live), who presented the Teach Live professionally-oriented teacher training programme, the evaluation methodology and its results, and the development of mentor teachers.

All in all, the third learning, teaching and training activity offered participants the opportunity to hear and discuss examples of good practice, and share their experiences. The insight into an innovative Teach Live programme was valuable and caught the attention of the participants.

Hybrid national meeting at the Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana.

International meeting with participants from Germany, Spain, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.