In the first year of the INSHIP project the project partners were focused on mapping and analysing the existing models of teaching practice and examples of good practice. The project partners prepared a detailed presentation of the national teacher education system and the organization of teaching practice in Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, and Slovenia.

The national case studies were supplemented with the empirical data according to the principles of SWOT analysis. The aim was to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of teaching practice in the partner countries from the perspective of different stakeholders: Students, university teachers, lecturers and organizers of practical training in higher education institutions, teacher mentors, deputy head teachers and head teachers, university tutors and continuing education advisors.

The results showed many similarities (e.g. the importance of partnership cooperation between faculties and schools), but also some specific experiences (e.g. organization and duration of the practical phase) with teaching practice in different national contexts.

In-SHIP model – SWOT analysis